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January 8, 2015  


You know that really cool song that kicks off every episode of The Bubble. Well, it's called "Cheers, Here's to Life!" and it written and recorded by our good friend, Louis DeFrabrizio and his band, Gasoline Heart.

On this episode of the The Bubble, the guys meet up spontaneously when they find out that Louis is in town for a wedding I think? Anyway, thank God he stopped because it ended up being a pretty good show for sure. The usual features stood out, but ultimately it was our discussion of "the artists struggle" that rose to the top of topics.

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November 25, 2014  


Well, this week the guys invite Avery Clyde, Rob's wife and also star of the Clyde Brother's first ever narrative film, If I Could Tell You. On the show the guys debate some Halloween etiquette, but mostly dedicate the show to informing you about their new short film and how you can be an associate producer by contributing to the campaign.

Avery adds great insight into the world of fertility treatments which is is the controversial topic of the movie. And how some of her own experiences are sure to show up on the film. It's great fun to listen to her Guest in a Nutshell questions for sure. You can actually hear Rob squirming in fear a bit the whole time. Can't miss!

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October 6, 2014  

This week in the Bubble the guys meet up with actor/director, Robin Collins. They just finished shooting 5 commercials with Robin who under a thick green fat suit and a ton of fur & make-up returned for a second series as the Virginia 529 "Tuition Monster." Robin is also the guy behind the camera when it comes to the Kids in the Hall live shows and funny online antics. Another reason why the bros love this guys so much, cause they love them some Kids in the Hall. Also in the episode you'll hear about Rob's anniversary and complain along with all the guys about whatever is really chapping their asses this week. It's another great episode of the Bubble. 

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September 16, 2014  


Wow. It's been a while hasn't it. Well, hopefully it was worth the way. In their first podcast in nine months, the Clyde Brothers first catch you up on what's been keeping them from recording shows. No pressure at all on guest Rob Michael Hugel to come through fun and funny. He does both. Join us and we promise, the next one is not so far behind.

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November 19, 2013  

In this episode of The Bubble, the Clyde Brother's hang with old friend and bubble resident DJ, Jacob Kaplan.  In town from the east coast for a foodie holiday, the three discuss their favorite television shows about food, how to properly use the Tinder App, and in the spirit of the great Larry David, they get some extra complaining done.  Get to know the bros by getting to know one of their favorite friends, it's a good one. 

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August 8, 2013  


The guys talk about hiding Easter eggs in their latest commercial and how their step-sister could be the worst impressionist ever! Actor Peter Vogt comes on as the guest to discuss topics from dogs vs cats, castings and salsa bars. Have you figured out how to get this podcast on your phone yet? In your car? Have you subscribed on iTunes? Well then do it.

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June 13, 2013  


It's been a while but the Clyde Brothers are back with a great new guest, Jim O'Heir from NBC's Parks and Recreation. The guys worked on an indie tv project with Jim recently and they hit it off. The show is a must listen as Jim kills them with  kindness as well as his  unusually large manhood which is apparently all the rage on the Parks and Rec set? It's just a great show and we hope you'll enjoy it.

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April 23, 2013  


That's right everyone. This week it's time to meet the other Clyde brother. Drew Clyde was in LA to join Ben and Rob at the Q Conference downtown. It's kinda like a Ted Talks type of thing. Anyway, they skipped an afternoon session to spend it with you. They introduced a new segment to the show called "Talking Points" and then went on to discuss the artistry of sandwich making among other riveting topics. Don't miss the Bubble this week. it's really good!

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April 2, 2013  


On the show this week is actor/comedian Jonathan Mangum. Jonathan is currently Wayne Brady's sidekick on Let's Make a Deal as well as numerous commercials, tv and films like The Bucket List with Jack Nicholson. The Clyde Brothers recently produced an indie tv-pilot that Jonathan starred in and co-wrote with former Bubble guest, Clare Sera. So they brought Jonathan in to talk about St. Patrick's Day in Chicago, game shows, paint balling and Lena Dunham's, ehem, breasts. "They're like an old friend that just won't leave." So load it up on your phone and listen during your drive into work today. It's time to drive into The Bubble.

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March 5, 2013  


This episode of the Bubble features friend and Hollywood sound editor, Russell Famarco and the guys talking everything Oscars. The host, the speeches, the winners, the losers and the "we saw your boobs" song. Was ARGO really the best? We now know Daniel Day Lewis is, right? Hang out a little bit with the Clyde Brothers and celebrate the Super Bowl of Hollywood, bubble-style.

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