Episode 29: FIGHT CLUB

September 2, 2015

Man. This was a great experience. We watched Fight Club once again this week and this is now our take on it 15 years after we both first saw it in theaters. It was a game changer movie for both of us then. Brad Pitt showed us all just how cool one man can be. Or two men.

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Episode 28: THIS IS SPINAL TAP - Josh Zuckerman

August 3, 2015

This week the Clyde Bros review This is Spinal Tap and then talk with actor Josh Zuckerman about his latest TV show, Significant Mother as well as his big break as a young Dr. Evil in Austin Powers: Goldmember. But if you see anything of Josh's, Rob and Ben suggest you go watch him do his Christian Bale impression right here.,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DCBQ_FvlS0

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EPISODE 27_Revolutionary Road

July 14, 2015

This week the guys break down Revolutionary Road, directed by Sam Mendes and starring Kate Winslet & Leonardo DiCaprio. They discuss how much they connect and align with Sam Mendes' work and come out and say it, "Kate Winslet crushes Leo!" Watch the movie then listen! 

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EPISODE 26_Lucy DeVito “Family Girl”

July 2, 2015

This week the guys welcome actress Lucy DeVito to The Bubble. 

Lucy stars in the Clyde Bros new short film, If I Could Tell You due out this fall, but you can see her right now on the show Deadbeat on Hulu. Lucy sits down with the guys and holds her own...especially when it comes to discussing family, theater and farting on airplanes! Be careful. She's easy to like. 
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EPISODE 25_Clyde Bros “No Guest? Why not.”

June 11, 2015

This week on the show the guys go sans guest and decide to shoot the shit about things like the NBA Finals, Caitlin Jenner and complaints de jour. What's that? It's the soup of the day. Umm, I'll have some of that. Listen. Share. Bubble.

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EPISODE 24_Matt Williams “I Drew His Face”

May 27, 2015

On this episode the guys welcome friend and colleague, Matt Williams, fresh from the airport for a shoot he is doing or something like that. But before he shows up the guys talk movies, something else and deflate gate. 

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EPISODE 23_Brooke Dooley - LIstentheMovie

May 17, 2015

This episode features executive producer, Brooke Dooley of Knox Avenue productions...our neighbor in DTLA,friend, and competitor. She has a new movie out called Listen that will soon be available. In the meantime, find out all about how Brooke got to where she is today starting with her aunt's video store in NoCal and now being married to a director on her roster. I think they were married first though. So it's not that shocking.

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Episode 22_Simon Sandquist - Oscar Worthy

May 6, 2015


The guys promise to do more podcasts, talk about the expense of sex and launch a new IndieGoGo campaign at www.IfICouldTellYouMovie.com. Then they talk with friend and filmmaker Simon Sandquist.

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EPISODE 21_Louis DeFabrizio - “The Struggle”

January 8, 2015


You know that really cool song that kicks off every episode of The Bubble. Well, it's called "Cheers, Here's to Life!" and it written and recorded by our good friend, Louis DeFrabrizio and his band, Gasoline Heart.

On this episode of the The Bubble, the guys meet up spontaneously when they find out that Louis is in town for a wedding I think? Anyway, thank God he stopped because it ended up being a pretty good show for sure. The usual features stood out, but ultimately it was our discussion of "the artists struggle" that rose to the top of topics.

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EPISODE 20_Avery Clyde - **Special IndieGoGo Show for If I Could Tell You**

November 25, 2014


Well, this week the guys invite Avery Clyde, Rob's wife and also star of the Clyde Brother's first ever narrative film, If I Could Tell You. On the show the guys debate some Halloween etiquette, but mostly dedicate the show to informing you about their new short film and how you can be an associate producer by contributing to the campaign.


Avery adds great insight into the world of fertility treatments which is is the controversial topic of the movie. And how some of her own experiences are sure to show up on the film. It's great fun to listen to her Guest in a Nutshell questions for sure. You can actually hear Rob squirming in fear a bit the whole time. Can't miss!

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